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Property Listings

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Elevate your property listings with this comprehensive Notion template!

Are you a real estate agent or property manager looking to streamline your property listing process? Look no further! This Notion template is designed to help you create professional and visually stunning property listings with ease.


  • Pre-designed templates for residential and commercial property listings
  • Effortlessly showcase your properties with beautiful images and detailed information.
  • A user-friendly interface where you can input property details, upload images, and even embed virtual tours.
  • Customizable sections make it easy to highlight key features, pricing, availability, location, and more. Say goodbye to scattered information and create eye-catching property listings that impress your clients!

Unlock the full potential of your property listings and streamline your workflow today with this Notion template!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Notion?
    Notion is a free digital space to think, write, and plan. Use it to capture thoughts, manage projects, or even run a company, all customized to your liking.
  2. How to download the template?
    Open the template link, then click the "Duplicate" button in the top-right corner of the page in order to make it yours.
  3. Can I share this with anyone else?
    Private license only. sharing by directing others to this page.
  4. Notion has a free plan?
  5. Can I ask you questions? Feel free to chat and DM me on any of my socials. I typically respond within a few hours, so don't hesitate to contact me.
    Twitter / Instagram
    Or email to: My Email
  • Can I be your affiliate?
    Click here to fill out the affiliate form.
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Unlock the full potential of your property listings

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Property Listings

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